3-6 Years Old Class Curriculum

5 Day Program 

This is a 3 year program. It allows for the older children (Kindergartners) to become the leaders, mentors, helpers, and role models to the younger children. In return the younger children, admire the older children and successfully learn from their peers.


Practical Life –

Allows the child to successfully complete complex activities that must be performed in order to achieve results. It allows the child to comprehend and execute functioning skills. Allows for concentration, and it prepares the child for writing by strengthening fine motor skills. The child will comprehend problem-solving which is the foundation of creative expression, including science, math, programming, writing, art, engineering, and athletics.


Sensorial –

Provides didactic material aiding the child’s exploration of certain aspects of the environment such as: dimension, color, texture, temperature, length, shape, etc. Allows for the child to arrange, classify and describe the impressions of the surrounding world. Many of the sensorial activities are directly related to math and geometry concepts and help create order for your child’s mind in preparation for mathematical concepts.


Mathematics –

Consists of a sequence of materials which begin with concrete and finishes with abstract concepts. This assists the child to comprehend concepts of numbers, symbols, operations, sequencing, and memorization of basic facts.


Language –

Allows for oral language development and nomenclature. We introduce the phonetic sounds of the letters, which allows the child to build simple words then sentences with a movable alphabet. The children will be able to express oneself through writing, basic grammar and literature. 



 Cultural Activities –

Includes art, geography, zoology, botany, history, music all of which allows for an overall richness in the Montessori Curriculum. It provides the children with a knowledgeable foundation of the world around them.




“Montessori is an education for independence, preparing not just for school, but for life” Dr. Montessori.